Lettable standard for new tenant

When a Council property becomes vacant, it is important that we re-let it as quickly as possible. Even so, as a new tenant, you will expect your home to be clean and tidy, and for all the necessary fixtures and fittings to be in place and in working order.

Internal redecoration is your responsibility and you can obtain advice on decorating at local DIY stores.

The Council have consulted with tenant representatives to agree on a ‘Lettable Standard’ for its properties.

This guide will explain:

  • What fixtures and fittings you can expect to find in your new home
  • What condition you can expect it to be in
  • What repairs we might not do until after you’ve moved in

We have broken it down into the following categories:

(Please note that not all repairs apply to every property)

We suggest that you thoroughly look around your new home, using this document as a checklist.

Repairs carried out before you move in

  • Gas installation will be checked for any open pipes. We will arrange for repairs where necessary.
  • We will only leave a gas fire if this is the only form of heating. If the property has central heating the gas fire will be removed.
  • If a gas fire is fitted, the soundness of the gas fire will be tested. If there is a gas fire in the property, it will have an adaptation so that it automatically shuts down if it senses carbon monoxide in the room. We will give you a copy of the Landlords Gas Safety Record (LGSR) certificate.
  • If a gas fire has been removed we will remove the fire place, brick up and make good, but only if the fireplace is in poor condition—otherwise it will be left in place. We will make sure that there is appropriate ventilation.
  • You will need to contact the contact centre to arrange for the system to be checked as soon as you have been given a date for the new gas meter to be connected.     
  • If the property has central heating, we will not provide another form of heating. If the property does not have central heating, we will include this within the current year’s programmed works.
  • There will be a working carbon monoxide (CO) detector.
  • The hot water system will be in safe working order
  • There will be an effective system for draining foul waste and surface water
  • The stopcock will be in working order and labelled. We will tell you where to find the mains stopcock.
  • The hot water tank will be insulated

Gas, Electricity, Heating and Hot Water

  • There will be a satisfactory supply of hot and cold water to the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Electrical circuits will be visually checked. We will look for broken socket outlets and damaged ceiling roses or pendants and arrange for repairs where necessary. We will test the electrical circuits to the appropriate standard. This will include electrical space heating.

Ceiling, Walls and Floors

  • Ceilings will be sound. Polystyrene tiles or coving will be removed and the surrounding area will be made good ready for decoration.
  • Floorboards will be sound.
  • Plasterwork will be generally sound. Small holes will be filled and walls will be left to a ‘ready to decorate’ standard.
  • Floor tiles will be safe and sound
  • Any carpets or floor coverings will be gifted* to you
    unless they are in poor condition, in which case they will be taken up and disposed of.

* Gifted Items: A gifted item is one that has been purchased and fitted or installed by the previous tenant and is considered to be in good enough condition to be left in the property. If you chose to accept the gifted item then you will be responsible for all repairs, maintenance and replacement of the item. If you do not want the item that is being gifted then it is your responsibility to dispose of it.  


  • There will be a sink unit with draining board and at least one double base unit and one double wall unit. There will be a plug and chain for the sink.
  • Cupboards will be fixed securely to the wall.
  • Cupboard doors will be secure.
  • There should be space for two of your appliances (cooker & washing machine). In some smaller properties there may only be space for a cooker, we may have to install extra wall units to make up for the loss of floor units.
  • Depending on the space available in your kitchen, it may be necessary to locate your fridge and/or freezer in another room.
  • There will be a sound, adequate and hygienic surface for food preparation.
  • The kitchen sink and drainer will be cleaned and have a watertight surface.
  • Existing cooker points will be retained. You will need to check that there is a gas or electricity supply to install your cooker, if there is not one you will need to tell us before you move in, and we will install a new point if there is an adequate supply.
  • Gas or electric cookers belonging to former tenants will be removed, unless gifted* to you.
  • If there was previously a washing machine in the property, we will make sure the supply feed is in working order. We will provide a new washing machine water supply if there isn’t one there, and an appropriate power supply.
  • There will be a minimum of 3 courses of wall tiles above work surfaces, except where architectural features may be in the way e.g. windows.
  • There will be wall tiles from the skirting board to 3 courses above the work surface behind the cooker, except where architectural features may be in the way e.g. windows
  • There will be at least 2 double electrical sockets.


  • There will be a bath or shower, at least 1 wash hand basin and at least 1 toilet. The bath and sink will have a plug and chain.
  • The bath or shower and wash hand basin will have a watertight surface, and will have a waterproof seal between them and the wall.
  • There will be a 3 course tile splash back above the bath and wash hand basin.
  • The bath and toilet will be clean and in working order.
  • The toilet seat will be replaced.
  • If there is a shower, we will test that this is working. If this is found not to be working and this is not the primary form of bathing, or required for a medical condition, then this will be removed.
  • If there is a working shower in the property then this will remain. Should the shower break down or stop working after you have moved in and this is not the primary form of bathing, or required for a medical condition, we will not fix this and it will be disconnected or removed.
  • Where there is a shower, the shower pole will be replaced.
  • We will provide a new shower curtain but it is your responsibility to replace this in the future.

General items inside the home

  • Smoke alarms will be fitted. The property will have one fitted on each floor. You will need to regularly check that the alarm is working properly.
  • The property should be free from woodworm, dry rot Infestation subsidence and rising damp.
  • Low energy light bulbs will be fitted.
  • Mould growth due to condensation will be cleaned off and where/if necessary treated.
  • The property will be cleared of all rubbish and swept through.
  • Exceptionally dirty and greasy surfaces will be cleaned.
  • Any improvements carried out by previous tenants will be left in place and *gifted to you unless they are considered to be unsafe or unacceptable.
  • Disabled adaptations will be left if they do not impede normal living arrangements. Any that are left will be tested for safe operation.
  • All rooms will have a door fitted. Fire rated doors will be fitted where appropriate
  • Door frames will be in good condition.
  • Graffiti will be removed.

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