Paying your rent

How council tenants can pay their rent and help to make payments.


What to do if you cannot pay your rent

During these unprecedented times we appreciate that household income may be drastically affected.

If your employer has asked you not to attend your place of work due to COVID-19 then you should take evidence of this with dates showing from when this started and make the relevant claim for Universal Credit.

If you are already an existing claimant please update your change of circumstances as a matter of urgency to ensure that your rent is covered as priority.

Below are links that may be of support to you and your household.

Apply for Universal Credit on GOV.UK 

Council Tax support 

Rent is still being charged weekly and your normal rent payment is still expected 

Paying your rent

There are a number of ways to pay your rent.

Direct debit

There are advantages to paying your rent by direct debit and many of our tenants are doing just that. We will even give you a one-off payment of £15 when you set up a rent direct debit and £5 for garages. 

Once you have agreed to pay by direct debit you will benefit from:

  • automatic payments - you no longer have to remember to pay each month
  • payment date options - you can choose to have your payments taken on either the 1st, 7th, 4th or the 25th  of each month
  • if a credit (pre-payment) or debit (arrears) is created on your rent account, your direct debit payment will be recalculated to take into consideration any changes to your account for the remaining monthly payments; you will receive 5 days notification of any changes to your direct debit payments
  • when a tenancy ends the direct debit automatically ends the council will update your direct debit every year and inform you of any changes

To start paying by direct debit, download, complete and return the rents direct debit form below.

Online payments

Pay online now


Create an online account for a quick and easy way to pay your rent or check your account balance.

Managing your account online, allows you to:

  • make payment using a credit or debit card
  • view all of your rent accounts
  • print statements
  • contact your income officer

Standing order

Download a standing order form below. Write your rent account number on the form before sending it to your bank or building society.

If your tenancy ends, it will be your responsibility to cancel the standing order.

Post office and PayPoint outlets

You can pay your rent and council tax at post offices and PayPoint outlets throughout the region using the payment card.

Find your nearest PayPoint outlet.

By telephone

You can make a credit or debit card payment by telephone on 0345 3000 614. 

Online banking

Use these account details:

Bank: National Westminster Bank plc. Head office

Collection Sort Code: 57-10-70

Account Number: 01000624

Payable to: Croydon Council

Contact us

If you need to contact your income officer, use our online form.

Housing assessments and solutions telephone: 020 8726 6100.


Housing Rent direct debit form (PDF, 1.6MB)

Managing debt fact sheet (PDF, 73.9KB)

Managing your money fact sheet (PDF, 71.9KB)

Housing rent standing order form (PDF, 34.6KB)