Council tenants, find a home, land and premises, landlords, housing support, private tenants, council garages, homeowners and leaseholders, housing policies, and strategies.

Council tenants

What to do if you want to move home, resident involvement, your tenancy and rent, maintenance and safety, contents insurance, fraud, council parking.

Find a home

Apply for a council property, information on housing in Croydon, Croydon housing allocation scheme, finding a rented property, affordable homes, find a home if you're aged 16 to 21.

Housing support

Homelessness, emergency support, disabled facilities grants, Housing Benefit, and care homes and housing.


Letting schemes, the London Landlords Accreditation Scheme, HMOs, Croydon private rented property licence, empty properties and the housing health and safety rating system.

Home owners and leaseholders

Leaseholder services, right to buy, loans for repairs, Staying Put service, Croydon private rented property licence for tenants, immigration inspections for visa purposes.

Empty properties

Help if you own an empty property, want to report an empty property in the borough, or if you are interested in buying or leasing an empty property.

Private tenants

Support and information for people who rent their home from a private landlord.