Repair priorities

We have set targets for the maximum time you should have to wait for a repair to be completed.

Emergency repairs

These are repairs that must be carried out immediately; for example, severe flooding that cannot be contained, no water supply throughout the property, or a suspected carbon monoxide leak. We will make the property and the occupants safe, but the actual repair may be carried out later. If this is the case, we will arrange more appointments with you as soon as possible.

Target response time: within 2 hours 

Non-urgent repairs 

These are less urgent repairs needed to make sure the home is safe and to put right anything that interferes with your comfort or is an inconvenience; for example, a damaged stair riser, broken kitchen light switch, or a dripping tap. 

Target response time: we will arrange an appointment at a day and time that suits you

The overall target for completion of routine repairs is 12 days and an average minimum level of acceptable performance is 15 days. 

Repairs - council homes

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