Concessionary repairs

The concessionary repairs scheme is offered to residents who may be unable to carry out repairs that would normally be their own responsibility and these would be carried out by the council instead.

The scheme is available to residents who live in a sheltered or special sheltered housing property or are aged 70 years or more. 

Repairs that are covered under the scheme include:

  • maintaining and replacing internal doors, door handles, hinges, locks and brackets
  • repairing and replacing internal door frames and skirting boards
  • repairing and replacing individual kitchen cupboards or cupboard doors
  • clearing blocked internal waste pipes and traps
  • tiling to walls in kitchens or bathrooms
  • replacing toilet seats
  • replacing strip lighting and light bulbs in sealed bathroom units
  • minor repairs to floors *
  • minor repairs to plaster *
  • repair to minor cracks to ceilings *
  • replacing any battery operated smoke detectors fitted in the property
  • repairing and replacing fences between private gardens (if replaced will be with chestnut pale fencing only)
  • repairing and replacing paths in private gardens
  • all repairs to free standing sheds in private gardens
  • replacing washing lines

* minor repairs are those that are possible to carry out without the need for special tools or expensive materials and/or equipment.

This scheme is also available to residents who are registered disabled, but to use this scheme you must first provide us with current evidence of your eligibility which must be dated within the last 6 months. This evidence must be for the resident who holds the tenancy agreement for the property.

Acceptable evidence

  • your blue badge (disabled parking permit)
  • letter from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) confirming your Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment allowance
  • another form of evidence from DWP that shows you are receiving Disability Living Allowance or a Personal Independence Payment.

Letters showing income support entitlement, copies of bank statements or letters from GP's are not acceptable forms of evidence.

If the tenancy holder is registered disabled, and there is another able bodied adult living in the property e.g. spouse or adult children, who could carry out repairs then you will not be entitled to apply for the scheme.

If you would like to join our concessionary repair scheme, you can download and complete the form. This needs to be returned with one form of evidence (as above) for approval before a concessionary repair can be carried out.

You can return the documentation either by:

  • email with scanned copies of the appropriate documentation attached to:
  • by post with photocopies of the documentation to Repairs and Maintenance team, Floor 2, Zone D, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, Croydon CR0 1EA
  • or bring the documents to Access Croydon, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, CR0 1EA

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