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Lettable Standard for new tenants

When a Council property becomes vacant, it is important that we re-let it as quickly as possible. As a tenant, you will expect your new home to be clean and tidy, and for all the necessary fixtures and fittings to be in place and in working order. Internal redecoration is the tenant’s responsibility, you can obtain advice on decorating at local DIY stores.

Croydon landlord services have consulted with tenant representatives to agree on a ‘Lettable Standard’ for its properties.

The Lettable Standard will explain:

  • what fixtures and fittings you can expect to find in your new home
  • what condition you can expect it to be in
  • what repairs we might not do until you’ve moved in

We have broken it down into the following categories

  • gas, electricity, heating and water
  • ceilings, walls and floors
  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • other general items inside the property
  • outside the property
  • repairs after you move in—Indoors and Outdoors

(Please note that not all repairs apply to every property)

Please see our booklet ‘Lettable Standard for new tenants’ which you can download.

We suggest that you thoroughly look around your new home, using this booklet as a checklist.

If anything is wrong or missing in your property, please contact us on 020 8726 6101.



Repairs - council homes

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