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Keep your heating working during the winter

Check your heating is working properly before the freezing months of January and February.


Heating advice and information from K &T Heating our new heating contractor

Boiler - Boilers can sometimes stop working because of a drop in pressure, if your boiler stops working check the pressure dial. You should also inspect all of your radiators and pipes for leaks. Report any leaks to the Repairs Line on 0208 726 6101.

Radiator - If you can feel cold patches on your radiators, the air in the system will need to be released, this is called ‘bleeding’.  You can easily bleed a radiator yourself, using a radiator key, but ensure that you turn off your heating before you do this. Make sure your radiators are not obstructed by curtains or furniture as this could reduce the heat in the room. Watch this video on how to bleed a radiator.

Temperature - Make sure your rooms are kept warm by keeping your room thermostat set on a low temperature throughout the day and night, the ideal temperature is between 18 and 21 degrees. Watch this video on how to test the heating control.

Pipes - Some heating issues may be due to a frozen condensate pipe. This can be easily fixed by pouring hot water onto the pipe to thaw the ice inside. You can prevent this happening by insulating the outside pipe. Watch this video on how to thaw a condensate pipe.

Windows & doors - Fill in gaps around windows, doors, letterboxes, floorboards and cat flaps to stop drafts. Spending a few pounds on window draught excluder and insulation tape can help you save on your heating bills and is easy to fit. 

Vents - Do not block air vents as these are needed to allow gases such as carbon monoxide, to escape from your home. It’s important to keep your home ventilated in the winter to avoid condensation build up, which may lead to further problems with damp and mould. 

More information

If you need further advice contact our Repairs Line on 0208 726 6101.   

For advice on keeping warm and well this winter, call the Winter Warmth Advice Line free on 0800 085 7000 between Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm.