After you've applied

Once your application is received you may receive a visit from a licensing officer. If representations are received from a responsible authority or interested parties within the 28 day consultation period a hearing will be arranged within 56 days from the date the application is made.

Once the licence is granted it is valid indefinitely but is subject to an annual fee which is due on the date of the licence grant.

If you object to a decision about your application

You can appeal against any conditions attached to your licence or a decision made by us within 21 days of receiving the decision on your application. Appeals are made to Croydon Magistrates in writing.

If you're a member of the public, you can make a comment on a current application.


Download the hearing protocol for licence hearings (PDF, 62KB)

If you need to change the details of your licence or report it lost or damaged

There's a different process if you want to: