London Borough of Croydon

Your development may be liable to pay CIL if

  • it involves new build; and
  • a net additional floor area of 100m2 or more; or one or more new dwellings.

You may have to pay CIL even if your development does not require planning permission if it meets the criteria above.

Failure to follow the CIL payment procedure may result in additional surcharges, interest payments and other penalties including imprisonment.

Information on the CIL rate, what it will be spent on, what should be submitted and when, and how it can be paid can be found in the 'CIL in Croydon - a guide' download below.

CIL calculator

A CIL calculator to work out the potential charge for your development can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


Appeals can be made against most aspects of the CIL collection and enforcement system, from the calculation of the amount due to any enforcement actions the council may take. View guidance on how to make an appeal. 

Please note there are strict time limits about when an appeal can be made.

You are encouraged to contact us first because it may be a lot quicker and easier to resolve the issue before taking more formal action.

Monitoring of CIL

We are required to report annually on CIL income and assignment. Visit our monitoring report webpage to view the latest CIL and Section 106 monitoring information.


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