This step-by-step will take you through the process for applying for planning permission for developments and new builds.

If you’re planning a smaller project such as building an extension on your home, please see make a planning application as a homeowner

  1. Our planning policies will help you find opportunities for development and make successful plans that fit the vision for Croydon.

  2. We recommend discussing your plans with us so your application stands the best chance of getting planning permission.

  3. Developments may be subject to:

    • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charges
    • Section 106 obligations
  4. You can submit your planning application online or send it by post.

  5. Information on how we make a decision to grant or refuse planning permission.

  6. How to appeal a refused application, submit a revised planning application and amend an approved decision.

  7. Information on planning breaches and how we act to prevent them.

  8. This page explains the planning decision making process, how we make decisions and how we inform you of those decisions.