Registering the application

When your application is received, it is checked to make sure we have everything we need from you including the fee.  If anything that is required is missing or is insufficient we will write and inform you within five working days.

We cannot register the application until all of these details are received. 

Once the application is complete, it will be entered onto the statutory register and you will be advised in writing of the application number and a date  by which time we would hope to have made a decision.  (this is either 8, 13 or 16 weeks later, depending on the type of application) 

Consultation period

When an application is registered it will be made public and people will be able to view and comment on the proposal. See our commenting on a planning application pages for more details.

The Council will publicise planning applications by displaying site notices on street furniture on roads close to applications sites which it considers might be affected by a development.  We may also write to the immediate neighbours of  development site.

The views of a range of public bodies are sought on planning applications. Other sections within the council may also be asked for advice or information to assist with the determination of the application. 

A case officer may will visit the site, to display the site notice and make a careful assessment of what is proposed and what impact it will have on the surrounding area and any neighbouring properties. 

The decision

Once the planning case officer has considered the proposals, received any amendments and the consultation period has expired, it is time to report the application for a decision.

Unless there are good planning reasons to take a different decision the majority of decisions are in accordance with our planning policies and the develpment plan.

A decision on most applications will be made by the senior planning officer, more complex or potentially controversial applications will be decided by Planning Committee meetings.

Once we have decided the application, you will receive a decision notice. This states whether we have granted or refused the application. If granted, the notice will list the conditions that must be complied with. If refused, the notice will set out what the reasons were for refusal.

Appealing against a decision

Applicants have a right of appeal to the Secretary of State in a number of circumstances:

  • if the council fails to reach a decision on your application within the statutory time frame (8 or 13 weeks depending on the scale of the application, called a non-determination)
  • if the council refuses planning permission
  • appeals against conditions imposed on a grant of planning permission

The Planning Inspectorate deals with planning appeals on behalf of the Secretary of State

What happens next

We have produced 2 advice notes:

My application was approved – what should I do next?

My application was refused – what should I do next?

These give more information and advice on the next stages in the process for applicants.