Your responsibilities

Internal repairs that are your responsibility

These are:

  • clearing blocked internal waste pipes and traps
  • replacing light bulbs, electrical fuses and plug tops as necessary
  • replacing strip lighting and light bulbs in sealed bathroom units *
  • maintaining and replacing internal doors, door handles, hinges, locks and brackets
  • repairing and replacing internal door frames and skirting boards
  • repairing and replacing individual kitchen cupboards
  • repairing any cracked or broken glass to both the interior and exterior of the property (if you are unable to provide a crime reference number)
  • minor repairs to floors, including floor tiles floorboards and other floor coverings+
  • minor repairs to plaster+
  • repair to minor cracks to ceilings+
  • replacing waste plugs and chains for sinks, basins and baths
  • curtain fittings and rails, and any shelving or clothes airers
  • replacing toilet seats,¬†
  • Insulation jackets to hot water cylinders or tanks
  • tiling to walls in kitchens and bathrooms or tiles to hearths and fire surrounds
  • maintaining any gas and/or electrical appliances that you have fitted
  • regularly checking and replacing any battery operated smoke detectors fitted in the property

Repairs covered under the concessionary repairs scheme are shown in bold. More details about concessionary repairs scheme.
+ minor repairs are those that are possible to carry out without the need for special tools or expensive materials and/or equipment.
* If you are replacing a fluorescent tube, remember to dispose of this responsibly. You can do this at your local recycling centre.

External repairs that are your responsibility 

If your property has a private garden you are responsible for:

  • grass cutting and hedge cutting
  • repairing and replacing fences between private gardens¬†(we will only repair or replace fences that adjoin roads, public footpaths, alleyways or communal gardens)
  • repairing and replacing paths in private gardens
  • replacing washing lines
  • all repairs to free standing sheds in private gardens
  • cutting back or lopping any trees within the boundaries of the property

Repairs covered under the concessionary repairs scheme are shown in bold. More details about concessionary repairs scheme can be found on here.


You are responsible for replacing any cracked or broken glass to the interior of your property and for the full cost of repairing or replacing external glazing arising through carelessness or deliberate damage or where you cannot provide a crime reference number.
If the damage has been caused by a break in or vandalism you must:

  • report this to the police and obtain a crime reference number
  • provide us with full details of the incident and the crime reference number

Gifted Items

If any items in your property have been gifted as part of your tenancy e.g. laminate flooring or a garden shed, you would have signed a gifted items form when you signed up for your tenancy to confirm that you are aware these are non-standard items and you are responsible for the repairs and maintenance of these yourself and any repairs will not be carried out by the council.

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