London Borough of Croydon

Repairs that are our responsibility

We have a legal responsibility for keeping in good repair the structure and exterior of the property, and any installations provided for heating, sanitation and supply of services.

A full list of what is included can be found in your conditions of tenancy. These include:

  • roof, walls, floors and ceilings
  • drains, gutters and down pipes
  • external doors, frames and door hinges
  • windows, frames, windowsill and catches and sash cords
  • glazing (we will always board up to make a property safe, but will only re-glaze if you can provide a crime reference number)
  • baths, basins, sinks, toilets, cistern and waste pipes
  • electrical wiring including sockets, switches and main fuses
  • gas pipes and water pipes
  • central heating installations, water heaters and fitted fires
  • sink tops and work surfaces
  • chimney stacks and flues
  • access pathways to the front door of houses, and from the front door to the back door
  • communal pathways
  • garages, pram and shed stores
  • boundary walls and fences bordering a public area
  • communal entrances, halls, lifts, rubbish chutes and other communal parts including electrical lighting and glazing
  • external decoration and decorating of communal areas

Examples of small urgent repairs can be found in our ‘Repair Guide for Tenants’ booklet.



Repairs - council homes

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