London Borough of Croydon

Emergency and out of hour repairs

Do not report emergencies via the website or by email

Gas and water leaks

For gas leaks—phone Transco 0800 111 999 immediately and then phone the repairs service.

For external water leaks—report to your water provider:

  • Southern Water 0845 278 0845
  • Thames Water 0800 714 614

If you smell gas in your home you should immediately turn off the source of the gas (if you know where this is and you are able to do so). Open all the windows, do not smoke, light a fire or operate mobile phones or electrical switches in the property.  If possible you should leave the property.

Emergency repairs (outside of working hours)

If you have an emergency repair outside of working hours, including weekends and bank holidays, call the repair service on: 020 8726 6101 where your call will be answered by our 24/7 contact centre. If they consider the repair to be an emergency that cannot wait until the next working day they will attend but will usually only make the property safe.



Repairs - council homes

020 8726 6101
Address Line:

Floor 3, Zone D

Bernard Weatherill House

8 Mint Walk