Submit your planning application

If you are applying to carry out a large project such as a new development, charges and guidance may apply that are not covered in this step-by-step. See the step-by-step to make a planning application as a developer.

The quickest way to submit your application is online through the Planning Portal. This lets you fill out the application form, upload supporting documents, such as plans and drawings, and pay your fees.

Check you have all the documents you need

We have produced a validation checklist (PDF, 500KB) to help you submit your application.

The Local Validation checklist is a guidance note produced to:

  • explain the national validation requirements for all planning applications
  • explain the council’s additional local information requirements
  • ensure that planning applications are supported by the information needed for assessment 
  • make sure that interested parties have enough information to understand and comment on development proposals

The information listed is the minimum required to be submitted with planning applications, and in some cases, additional information will be requested after the application is submitted to demonstrate whether a proposal complies with the development plan.

All your supporting documents must be less than 5MB in size.

Start now

We recommend using the Planning Portal, but you can also download a copy of the paper application forms. Please note we require 3 copies of all paper submissions.

Negotiating on Planning Applications

We will only negotiate on submitted planning applications in genuinely exceptional circumstances, so we strongly advise that you use our pre-application services so that applications have a greater chance of success.

Fee calculator

For guidance on planning application fees, see the Planning Portal's fee calculator.

Guidance notes

Guidance note 2 – How do I submit my planning application? (PDF, 149KB)