We will not be taking calls or responding to email for the period  23 - 27 May.
This will enable us to clear our backlog of planning applications that have built up during the pandemic.
Thank you for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience caused.


This step-by-step will help you find out if you need planning permission for changes to your home or property, such as home improvements or extensions. It will also take you through the application process.

If you're planning a larger construction project or a new development, more charges and guidance will apply. Follow our step-by-step process to make a planning application as a developer.

  1. Not all developments need planning permission. You can use Planning Portal to find out whether you need to apply.

  2. In order to get planning permission, you should make sure your plans and designs are in keeping with local planning policy.

  3. We recommend that you get advice from us or another professional about your proposals.

  4. You can submit your planning application online or send it by post.

  5. Information on how we make a decision to grant or refuse planning permission.

  6. How to appeal a refused planning application, submit a revised application and amend an approved decision. 

  7. Information on planning breaches and how we act to prevent them.