After submitting a planning application

What happens after you submit an application

When we receive your application, we will check it to make sure we have everything we need from you, including the fee. If anything is missing or insufficient we will write and tell you within 5 working days.

We cannot register the application until all of these details are received. 

Once the application is complete, it will be entered onto the statutory register. We will send you the application number and an estimated date by which we aim to make a decision. This is either 8, 13 or 16 weeks later, depending on the type of application.

Consultation period

When an application is registered, it will be made public and people will be able to view and comment on the proposal

The Council will publicise the application by writing to the immediate neighbours of the proposed development site. We may display site notices in certain circumstances (for larger developments or where the address of land is unclear.

A case officer will visit the site (where appropriate), and make a careful assessment of what is proposed and what impact it will have on the surrounding area and any neighbouring properties or we may ask you to provide photographs of your house and neighbours houses.

A case officer will visit the site, to display the site notice and make a careful assessment of what is proposed and what impact it will have on the surrounding area and any neighbouring properties. 

How we make a decision

Once the planning case officer has considered the proposals and the consultation period has expired, we will make a decision on whether to grant planning permission.

Unless there are good planning reasons, the majority of decisions are based on our planning policies.

Most decisions are made by Senior Officers under Delegated Powers. More complex or potentially controversial applications will be decided at a Planning Committee meeting.

If your application is dealt with at a Planning Committee meeting, you have the right to attend and speak at that meeting. You can also lobby councillors to discuss planning issues beforehand. 

You can find out more about Planning Committee and view meeting dates.

Once we have decided the application, you will receive a decision notice. This states whether we have granted or refused the application. If granted, the notice will list the conditions that must be complied with. If refused, the notice will set out what the reasons were for refusal.

Guidance notes

Guidance note 3 – What happens to my planning application? (PDF, 143KB)

Guidance note 4 – How can I comment on a planning application? (PDF, 144KB)

Guidance note 5 – How does the council decide planning applications? (PDF, 144KB)