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Want to give up smoking? Quitting smoking really is one of the best things you can do for your health. You'll have more money in your bank account, be less likely to suffer from lung disease and not to mention your breath and clothing will smell a lot fresher! 

If you are ready to say goodbye to smoking, then Live Well, our free 12 week programme is designed to help you.

Live Well Croydon 12 week programme

Our free 12 week programme will help Croydon residents improve their health and wellbeing.   

Our advisers are trained in helping people tackle unhealthy habits, which could be having a negative impact on their daily life or affecting relationships with family and friends.   

Over 12 weeks, our advisers will: 

  • offer support to help you quit smoking, you are 4 times more likely to do so with a helping hand

  • offer nicotine replacement therapies to boost your chances of success

  • provide face to face, telephone or video call support


How can I check that I am eligible for the programme? 

The programme is open to Croydon residents or if you are registered with a Croydon GP. You can check if you are eligible for personalised support from our trained advisers by completing the Live Well Health MOT.

Start the Health MOT

Not eligible for our 12 week programme, or feel it is not for you? Remember you can also access a wide range of tips and advice that the Live Well website offers. 

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Help me quit smoking 

Need some support to kick the habit and give up smoking for good? Check out the services available to help you. 

Check out the services available to help you
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Tips to help you stop smoking

Giving up smoking will be one of the best decisions of your life. Get some extra guidance on how you can stop smoking. 

Visit the NHS BetterHealth website for tips to help you succeed.

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