London Borough of Croydon

Stoptober 2017 flyer

Stoptober – the 28-day quit smoking campaign – is back

The Stoptober campaign is back this October, helping smokers to feel healthier, save cash and protect their family and friends from second-hand smoke.

Stoptober has kick-started over one million quit attempts to date. It is the biggest mass quit attempt in the country and is based on research that shows that if you can stop smoking for 28 days, you are five times more likely to quit for good.

Residents can get help from a range of free Stoptober quit tools including an app, daily emails and Facebook Messenger. You can also receive support from an online community on Facebook. In addition, there is expert local advice at Croydon’s online health platform –, which also offers the face-to-face local service, Just Live Well, for those who are eligible.

Brian* was recently supported on his stop-smoking journey by the Live Well Advisers from the Just Live Well service. The 46-year-old spoke to them about his barriers to quitting and was given tips to handle situations that might tempt him to smoke. A key motivation for him to quit was his desire to be more active and improve his mental health. Brian has successfully remained smoke-free for more than three months.

Everyone’s quitting journey is different, but with Stoptober, you won’t be on your own. Visit the Stoptober website at

(*Brian’s name has been changed).


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