London Borough of Croydon

Our new housing strategy covers the period 2011 to 2015 and sets out our plans to respond to the coalition government's reform of housing funding and policy, including affordable rent and housing revenue account self-financing. Its main aim is to contribute to achieving our vision for Croydon, and to support our key planning policies, the core strategy and infrastructure delivery plan. It demonstrates how different housing services, investment and enforcement will combine to ensure the successful delivery of our plans for growth and regeneration.

It is structured around six strategic objectives:

  1. Optimising the supply of new housing
  2. Protecting and improving existing housing
  3. Customer-focussed housing advice and options
  4. Achieving independence through housing support
  5. Managing and sustaining strong, successful and thriving communities
  6. Improving health and well-being through decent homes and neighbourhoods

Some of the main challenges the strategy seeks to address include:

  • The viability of new housing development and uncertainties around emerging rent policy following the introduction of affordable rent.
  • Long-term sustainable plans for the maintenance and improvement of council housing to the standard required by the regulator.
  • Tackling private sector housing conditions and the poor health outcomes that arise from them.
  • Tackling and preventing increasing homelessness, and responding to recent difficulties in securing an adequate supply of private sector housing to meet housing need.

We will deliver these strategic objectives in partnership with a range of public agencies by:

  • Implementing the flexible affordable housing policy set out in the core strategy, welcoming the introduction of affordable rent and adopting a flexible rent policy determined on a scheme by scheme basis, and ensuring our enabling activity is responsive and brings providers and developers together at an early stage.
  • Investing in the council’s new build programme and setting out a sustainable thirty year business plan, based on a sound comprehensive council housing asset management strategy, which will maintain council homes to at least the decent homes standard over the long term.
  • Improving our offer to local private landlords and using a range of innovative methods of increasing our supply of private sector housing, mitigating the impact of housing benefit and welfare reforms and focusing on preventing homelessness, particularly among young people.
  • Revising our housing allocations scheme to tighten up qualification for housing, increase priority for working households, volunteers and members of the armed forces, deprioritise homelessness and reassess our application of reasonable preference for housing.
  • Implementing our client/provider arrangements for housing management services, taking forward plans for the greater involvement of our residents in the management and maintenance of their homes and communities through instituting a new resident scrutiny panel, introducing tenants cashback, setting up a neighbourhood wardens service and community safety action groups, as well as cracking down on tenancy fraud and anti-social behaviour.
  • Setting up arrangements that will enable housing and health professionals to work more closely together on health and housing, exploring joint opportunities to “spend to save”, identifying and capturing local evidence of improved outcomes, and working with other organisations on community support initiatives that improve health and well-being.


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Adult services health and housing
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Strategy team leader
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