Fostering is looking after a child or a teenager in your own home. This might be on a temporary basis, or longer term if the child cannot return to any of their family members.

A foster carer takes on the everyday tasks that a parent does, such as:

  • taking them to school
  • preparing meals
  • helping with homework
  • going out on leisure activities
  • taking them to appointments

Watch Andrew's story about becoming a foster carer


Why children need foster care

There are a variety of reasons why children may need to be fostered. It could be that a parent is temporarily unable to care for them due to a crisis, or there may be abuse or neglect in the family.

The aim is for the child to return home safely, but if this isn’t possible we need to plan for adoption or long term fostering.

Croydon needs foster carers

We need carers for all ages but especially for: 

  • children over 10 years old
  • sibling groups
  • unaccompanied asylum-seeking children

Get in touch


Telephone: 0300 222 2112

Facebook :fosterforcroydon

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