London Borough of Croydon

The proposed local list consists of 52 sites including seven churchyards, two cemeteries and three school grounds, and the majority are open to public access.


The criteria for the local list are set by English Heritage along with the London Parks and Gardens Trust (LPGT). This stipulates that the site have at least one of the following:

  • evident historic features or design
  • buried archaeology
  • connections with famous designers or nurserymen
  • connections with nationally or locally famous individuals
  • a design typical of a landscape style.

Date specific criteria for the local list are as follows:

Sites laid out before 1820

  • a main phase of development before 1750 where a portion of layout is still evident or is buried archaeology
  • a main phase of development laid out between 1750 and 1820 where enough of the layout and features survive to reflect the original design or is buried archaeology.

Important sites laid out between 1820 and 1939

  • a main phase of development that is of importance and where enough of the layout and features survive to reflect the original design and to allow a good understanding and interpretation.

Important post-war sites

  • a main phase of development laid out after 1939, more than thirty years old, which is a good example of a recognised style or design
  • laid out less than thirty years ago, are substantially intact, have outstanding examples of a recognised style or design, or are of significance as the work of a particular designer.

Reflect or influence design, taste or a particular social period

  • reflect the work of a designer or nurseryman of local, regional, national importance, where a significant proportion of the site or design survives
  • reflect a particular period of social, commercial or artistic development in London, or which were influential in the development of local, regional or national taste or fashion, where a significant proportion of the layout and features of the historic designed landscape survive, for example, public parks, cemeteries, institutional grounds (such as hospital or educational establishments), housing estates or golf courses
  • have associations with important historical events or notable local individuals or families, whose landscapes or gardens influenced or reflected their lives, work or taste, where a significant proportion of the site and design survives
  • are representatives of styles, fashions or designs that have otherwise largely disappeared from the region or locality.

Valuable settings of historic buildings

  • settings for historic buildings that are of value in their own right for their designed landscape, for example, churchyards.

Commons and greens with significant designed elements

  • are of considerable historic interest due to significant designed elements of layout or features.

Sites with group value

  • are important in the context of a group of sites of historic designed landscape.

List of sites

A copy of the proposed local list is available at the Central Library in Katharine Street.

Each entry has a short historical description, photographs, a historical and current map as well as the reasons for its inclusion on the list.

You can download the list, which includes maps, below.


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