Scheduled Monuments

Scheduled Monuments are archaeological sites of national importance. Any changes to a Scheduled Monument need consent, which is administered by Historic England.

Scheduled Monuments are archaeological sites identified by Historic England as being of national importance. Monuments can range from below-ground archaeological remains to freestanding buildings and structures, and date from any period of human history.  

In Croydon, there are 11 Scheduled Monuments. You can search these sites, and find out more about their history, through the National Heritage List for England

More information about Scheduled Monuments is available from Historic England.

New development and other changes affecting Scheduled Monuments

Scheduled Monument Consent is required from Historic England for any change to a Scheduled Monument. While some change to a Scheduled Monument may be possible, there is a presumption that they will be preserved for future generations.

Where planning permission is required for works affecting the setting of a Scheduled Monument, the Council will take the national importance of the Monument into account.