Locally listed buildings

Locally listed buildings do not require listed building consent for development work, but the council will take the building's historic and architectural character into account in planning application decisions.

The Local List is a list of buildings and structures within Croydon considered to have special local architectural or historic interest by the public and the Council.  To be included on the Local List, a building must meet two of the following criteria:

  • authenticity
  • architectural significance
  • historical significance
  • technical significance
  • townscape value

Details of Croydon’s Local List can be found in the Local List Supplementary Planning document.

Development affecting locally listed buildings

Inclusion of a building or structure on the Local List does not introduce any additional consent requirements. Listed building consent is not needed for works to a locally listed building, and local listing does not affect permitted development rights or change when planning permission is required.  

However, when planning permission is required, the Council will take the building’s special architectural or historic interest in to account. Proposals that would affect a locally listed building or its setting will be assessed against the Council’s heritage policies, should respond to the special interest of the building, and should follow guidance contained in the Local List SPD.