Local heritage areas

LHAs are areas with significant architecture, townscape or landscape. Decisions on planning applications in an LHA will take the area's special character into account.

Local Heritage Areas (LHAs) are areas that the Council has identified as having local heritage interest LHAs must be of heritage significance and at least one of these aspects must be high quality, distinctive and well preserved:

  • architecture  
  • townscape 
  • landscape  

Check if your property is in a local heritage area

Details of Croydon’s LHAs can be found in the 2016 Local Heritage Areas Review:

Building work affecting LHAs

There are no additional consent requirements for development work in LHAs and permitted development rights are not affected. 

However, when planning permission is required for development that would affect an LHA or its setting, the Council will take the special character of the area in to account. Proposals will be assessed against the Council’s heritage planning policies. They should respond to the character of the area, which is summarised in the LHA Review document.