Locally listed historic parks and gardens

Locally recognised parks and gardens. The council will take the area’s special interest into account in planning application decisions.

The local list of historic parks and gardens is a register of parks and gardens in Croydon that have been identified by the council as being of special historic interest. A park or garden must meet specific criteria to be included on the list. To be included, a site must have at least one of the following:

  • evident historic features or design
  • buried archaeology
  • connections with famous designers or nurserymen
  • connections with nationally or locally famous individuals
  • a design typical of a landscape style

In addition, there are specific listing guidelines based on the age and type of the landscape and its historical importance. 

Listing Criteria for Croydon’s locally listed historic parks and gardens

Details of Croydon’s Locally Listed Historic Parks and Gardens can be downloaded below. Each entry includes a short historical description, photographs, historical and current maps, and the reasons for its inclusion on the list.

New development and other changes affecting locally listed historic parks and gardens

Inclusion of a park or garden on the local list does not change when planning permission is required. However, when planning permission is required for proposals that would affect a locally listed historic park or garden, or its setting, the Council will take the landscape’s special historic interest into account and the proposal will be assessed against the Council’s heritage policies.