Regina Road

Regina Road is an estate in South Norwood consisting of 3, 11-storey tower blocks, each with 44 flats. Parts of the wider estate, which is also part of this consultation, contains 4 medium-rise blocks close to the tower blocks and additional low two-storey housing. There are 191 homes in total.

The tower blocks were developed as social housing in the mid 1960s using the then-innovative large panel system. At the time, this building method was necessary across the UK to tackle the housing shortage. There are 100,000 residents estimated to be living in this type of accommodation across the UK.

Residents living on the estate have experienced unacceptable living conditions with many issues in their homes, including water penetration, condensation and mould. Despite repairs and improvement works, residents have told us at walkabouts and recent meetings that these problems are ongoing and living conditions are still poor.  

We promised to listen to you and made a commitment to act. 

A ballot of those living on the estate (shown in the shaded area of the photos below) was carried out in the Spring of 2023 and residents voted yes to our proposals to demolish and rebuild homes on the estate.

Photographs of Regina Road showing the boundaries of the estate

Regina Road Aerial photograph showing boundaries of the estate around Sunny Bank Road and Regina Road.


Another view of the Regina Road estate showing the boundaries around Sunny Bank Road and Regina Road