Croydon Local Intervention Programme (CLIP)

Croydon Local Intervention Programme, (CLIP) offers support & guidance for those aged between 8-17,  living and/or educated in Croydon. The programme is designed to support young people who are showing early signs of criminality, anti-social behaviour or risky behaviour. 

Acceptance criteria 

In order to engage in an intervention programme, all of the following must apply: 

  • The child or young person is aged between 8-17.  

  • The child or young person resides in Croydon.  

  • The child or young person is not receiving support from other Council Services (i.e. Children’s Social Care/Family Solution Service). 

  • The referring agency has gained consent from the child or young person, and family/carers. 

  • There are early indicators of anti-social behaviour (ASB), at risk of offending, gangs, serious youth violence and criminal exploitation and wider exploitation including via social media.  

There must be clear evidence of these concerns for a referral to be accepted. Examples might include, reports of ASB, arrests but no convictions, or associating with known gang members.  

How referrals are made 

To access this intervention programme, a Multi-Agency Referral Form, (MARF) must be completed in full and submitted to our Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) team, stating what service is required. 

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Case work / Croydon Local Intervention Programme (CLIP) and youth provision: Anne-Marie Marshall