Support for schools and community groups

The Youth Engagement Team works in partnership to support schools and community organisations in Croydon. We offer programmes consisting of issues-based and bespoke workshops that address issues children and young people may be facing.

Issues that young people face 

Young people face many issues throughout their lives, which can affect their personal, social, and emotional development. There are many factors that contribute to this and play a role in child development and the transitioning period from childhood to adulthood. 

Some of these factors include: 

  • influence/peer pressure (negative choices and decisions) 

  • risky behaviour (both in school and the community) 

  • relationships with others (friends, partners, and sexual behaviour) 

  • education (health and future prospects) 

  • family (circumstances and background) 

Our approach 

  • We work closely to support our partners in schools and community organisations.
  • We use a youth work-centred approach that we strive to maintain throughout our work.  
  • We aim to address potential issues using preventative and interventional methods. 

Read more about the variety of workshops we can deliver.
This includes issue-based workshops that focus on a challenge the young person may be facing and bespoke workshops that are tailored to the needs of the pupil/young person.

Issue-based workshops

Issue-based workshops focus on a challenge the young person may be facing. Read more about the workshops we offer.

The Safe and Well Programme

What: The Safe and Well Programme covers issues that young people face, including social media use, gang culture, self-identity, and mental health.  

Who: Delivered in both Primary and Secondary schools, Years 5 to 9.  

How: The referrals come directly from the schools. 

The Transition Programme 

What: The Transition Programme supports young people to get ready for secondary school. 

Who:  Aimed at Year 6 pupils transitioning to Year 7. 

How: The referrals come directly from the schools. 

Empower Me Programme  

What: The Empower Me Programme is a tailored programme that aims to empower young people and help them to be able to reflect on and manage their emotions.

Who: Can be tailored for pupils that have been referred due to one of the following reasons: 

  • at risk of being excluded 

  • not being able to control their behaviour 

How: The referral comes directly from the school however, it can also be requested by community groups.

The Exploitation Programme

What: This programme will be used to create awareness around exploitation.  The aim is to prevent and help young people who are already victims or are at risk of becoming victims of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation and child criminal exploitation, (grooming).

Who: Aimed at Years 7 to 12.

How: Referrals directly from schools and can be requested from community groups.

Every Choice Matters 

What: Every Choice Matters is a schools workshops programme that aims to:  

  • raise awareness of the consequences of serious youth violence (SYV)/ offending and harm related to this 

  • consider the impact on the victim, the perpetrator, the family and the community 

  • highlight the influence of social media on offending and offer strategies to deal with this 

 An MPS Commendation was awarded for this work and seen as best practice by the Youth Justice Board. 

Who: Aimed at ages 10 to 18.

How: Schools and community groups can request the workshops by contacting Boris Rupnik:

Bespoke workshops 

We are also happy to discuss bespoke workshops tailored to the needs of your pupils/young people. For more information please get in touch.

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