If you're a member of the public with concerns

Tell our Single Point of Contact (SPOC) team if you have concerns that a child or young person under the age of 18 is being harmed or needs support – for example:

  • suffering harm, neglect or abuse 
  • not getting the right support for their disability 
  • under stress from a family situation 

We can offer you support and advice, as well as putting families in touch with other services that can provide help and support.

If you are concerned that by calling you may be put in a difficult position, you can make the referral anonymously.

Contact the SPOC
Phone: 020 8255 2888
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm 

Out of hours

If you have any urgent concerns which need an immediate response at night or on the weekend, please contact the Emergency Duty Team.

Phone: 0208 726 6400
Monday to Friday, 5pm to 9am
Weekends and bank holidays, 24 hours

If you're a professional and you have concerns about a child or think a child needs additional support, you will need to make a referral to SPOC.

If your concern relates to the child's emotional wellbeing and mental health

Children and their family members can submit a self-referral via Croydon Drop In and Off the Record, both of which offer various health and social care services for young children and adults.

If you're a professional with emotional wellbeing and mental health concerns

If you're a professional, you will need to make a referral to the Single Point of Contact team.

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