Concerned about a child?

Find out how you can report a safety concern about a child or young person.

If you are worried or have concerns that a child or young person is being neglected, harmed, or may need support, there are several ways we can help.

Local support directory

Check our local directory of organisations who offer support to children and families across Croydon.

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

If you cannot find the right help through the local directory, you can contact our MASH team by making a referral. The MASH can offer you support and advice, as well as putting families in touch with other services.

If you are a member of the public, you can make the referral anonymously if you are concerned that calling us could put you in a difficult position.

If you are a professional and you are unsure about whether or not to make a referral, or which service will best help the family and safeguard the child, you can:

The Professionals Consultation Line is for children who live in Croydon and who do not have an allocated social worker or early-help key worker. This is a consultation service and as such we will not take or record details of the child or details of the consultation on our recording system. It is the professional’s responsibility to follow the record keeping and information guidelines of their own agency.

If the child has an allocated social worker or key worker, or you need to enquire if the child has an allocated social worker or key worker, please contact the worker or their team directly, or call on 0208 726 6000 and press Option 3.

Make a referral

You can make a referral using our online children and families portal.

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By phone: Call 0208 255 2888 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Submit a request for information

If you are a professional, you can submit a request for information via our portal:

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For any other enquiries, please email 

Please note referrals and information requests should be made via the Portal and not via email. 

Urgent referrals

If you have an urgent concern about a child that needs an immediate response, consider calling 999 and request the appropriate emergency service.

If it is not appropriate to call 999, but you have an urgent safeguarding concern that requires a same day response, you can contact the MASH team in the following ways:

During office hours, Monday to Friday, 9pm to 5pm: call the MASH on 0208 255 2888. The referral, if appropriate, will be accepted over the telephone and you will need to follow this up by completing the online referral form within 24 hours.

Out Of Hours: call our Emergency Duty Team (EDT) on 0208 726 6400. The call operator will take your details and pass the message on to the EDT social worker to respond. This may not be immediate, depending on their workload.

Online: An online MASH referral may be a more appropriate option, which will be actioned the following working day.