London Borough of Croydon

Our planning enforcement team investigates and resolves breaches of planning control across the borough. These are drawn to our attention from complaints made by customers or the monitoring of building works.

A breach of planning control occurs when 'development' takes place without the necessary consent from us. For more information on how we enforce planning regulations, download our customer advice note 8 below.

If you believe an unauthorised development is taking place, tell us by completing our online planning enforcement form.  Include details of the address and perceived breach of planning permission. If you supply your name and address we will be able to keep you informed of any developments.

Planning enforcement register

You can search for and view previous enforcement actions that we have taken on the planning enforcement register. Please note that this register only contains details of cases where formal action has been taken, and does not include all received complaints that are still being investigated.

How to appeal against an enforcement notice

You have the right of appeal against an enforcement notice (but not a breach of condition notice). Visit the planning portal for online form and information about making an enforcement appeal.

If you make an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, the enforcement notice does not come into effect until the appeal has been determined. Where unauthorised development has taken place, an owner or occupier may be at a disadvantage when they come to sell the property.


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