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How do you pay for long term care?

If you need care and support in the near future there are two methods to pay for long term care.

Financial help from the council

Always check with us about any support we can give, we can assess your care needs and those of your carers. Our contact details are below.

If your circumstances meet the conditions for support and you wish the council to contribute towards the cost of of services, we will assess your income and capital such as savings. If your capital and income are below certain thresholds the council will pay some or all of your long term care costs.

We can also help you with information about the choices you have for meeting your care needs and how to arrange care. Many people wrongly assume that they will need residential care whereas there may be options available to help them stay in their home.

The NHS, your GP or the council can also offer some people help to regain their ability to live more independently through the use of equipment or adaptations to your home. Contact us to find out more.

You should also check what benefits you are entitled to. Not all benefits are means tested and you may qualify for Disability Living Allowance if you are under 65 or Attendance Allowance if you are over 65. Attendance Allowance will not normally be paid if the NHS or the council is funding your care in a care home.

Paying for care yourself

If you do not qualify for financial help from the council, you will normally have to pay the cost of care out of your own income and savings. If you move into residential care and own your own home, the value of your home will be taken into account and a charge may be made on the property when you sell it (you may not have to sell your home immediately if you don't wish to).

It is important to make sure you find out as much information as possible before making care funding decisions.


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