Paying for adult social care

If you have less than £23,250 in savings, you may get some or all of your adult social care costs covered. A financial assessment will determine any financial support you are eligible for.

Paying for adult social care

Once your care and support assessment is complete, you or someone acting on your behalf must complete a financial assessment so we can work out how much, if anything, you will have to pay.

We operate a charging policy, (PDF 450KB) that complies with the Care Act 2014. Our policy ensures that our customers are financially assessed fairly and consistently in accordance with the rules and regulations set out within sections 8 and 9 of the Act. This means we will charge for some services we provide and arrange on your behalf, as outlined in our fees and charges schedule.

You will need to prove how much you have saved. If you do have to contribute, it will only be an amount that you can afford to pay and will be based on your income, savings and other assets you have. 

You will need to pay the full cost of care if:

  • you have savings or assets over £23,250
  • you choose not to inform us about your savings
  • you choose not to have a financial assessment

Once your care manager or social worker has agreed that you are eligible for care funding, they will work on your support plan which will help to decide the support you need. From this a personal budget will be created to pay for your care provided by us.

If you are receiving care services at home you may take some or all as a direct payment. This will allow you to choose the care and support that works for you.