Paying for adult social care

If you have less than £23,250 in savings, you may get some or all of your adult social care costs covered. A financial assessment will determine any financial support you are eligible for.

Adult social care charges

For clients who have been financially assessed to pay full cost or choose not to disclose their financial information within 28 days of the care assessment, full cost charges will be applied to care received. Call our charging helpline on 020 8760 5676 for more information.

Maximum charges

Services from private providers

All services arranged but not provided by Croydon council are charged at variable actual cost or assessed contribution, whichever is the lowest.

Services from Croydon council

Day care, per dayPrice
Day care in-house£74.27
Half day£37.14
Meals, per meal 
Meals in LBC run day Centres – Hot£5.28
Special sheltered housing, per weekPrice
Support charge pre-April 2003£76.77
Support charge post-April 2003£88.29
Laundry, up to 2 visits per week£10.11
Guests or family stay, per person per night£11.79
Home Care/personal & intimate care – one Carer£18.10
Home Care/personal & intimate care – two carers£36.19

Sheltered housing care line plus support charge


post April 2003 no Housing Benefit per week£23.47
Croydon Careline services, flat ratePrice
Standard weekly charge£10.52
Pension credit or income support weekly£6.58
Additional pendants£1.17
Additional sensor£3.77
Telecare service, per week, means tested if eligiblePrice
Care at home£17.26
Telecare system 1£34.98
Telecare system 2£52.24
Telecare system 3£69.49
Additional sensor£3.77

In-house respite care, per night

In-house residential service type, per weekPrice
Standard charge£849.62
Standard EMI (elderly mentally infirm) charge£938.02
Nursing standard charge (FNC not included)£894.62
Nursing EMI charge (FNC not included)£938.02
Annual charges to self funders; an arrangement fee for arranging care and support on behalf of people who pay for their care and who ask the local authority to arrange their care and support£311.62 per year

Deferred Payment Agreements (DPA’s)

One-Off Set Up Costs:
 Legal Fees for Agreement Set up: this covers the cost of placing the legal charge
on property, drawing of contracts and may change as this is set by an external solicitor, not LBC *
£840 plus
disbursements required
Land Registry Search£3.00
Staff Costs: 15 hours work for an officer to
initiate, set up and complete all the tasks
Property Valuation: this charge may vary as
it is set by the District Valuers Office
£165 per hour (May vary depending on the complexity of the case)
Legal Fees: no costs anticipated but may
arise in unforeseen circumstances *
Yearly costs: 
Contract Maintenance and Review Costs charged annually – Staff costs for 2hrs every quarter *£273.65
Property Valuation: only when debt reaches 50% of equity or unforeseen need for in depth review of the DPA *£165 per hour (May vary depending on the complexity of the case)
Land Registry Search *£3.00
DPA Checkout Fee: 2 hours work for an officer to initiate, set up and complete all the
closing down tasks required *

* DPA charges may vary when a case incurs unforeseen circumstances that result in more
time and investigation. Charges set-up demonstrate anticipated charges bases on a
standard, non-complicated case. 

* Interest applied to DPA’s are reviewed in January and July of each year.  Please contact us for further information,