London Borough of Croydon

Report a missed collection

Missed collections

You will only be able to report a missed collection after 6pm on the day of collection and then up to 2 business days after. If more than 1 bin has been missed, you must report each bin that is missed, as we will only collect the bin that has been reported missed.

In some cases there may be a reason why the bin has not been collected, including;

  • bins are not put out for collection at the front edge of your property close to the pavement
  • the wrong bin is put out for collection, for example putting out the mixed recycling bin (tins, glass, plastics) when the paper/card bin is due to be collected
  • recycling is contaminated with non-recyclable items
  • the general refuse bin has been overfilled and doesn’t shut

In these instances the crew will not return and you will need to wait until the bin is next due to be collected or make your own arrangements at a recycling site.


Household refuse, food waste or recycling collections

To report a missed collection, log into MyAccount and select Missed bin collection under the Report it section of the page. If you don’t already have a MyAccount you can register for one.

Garden waste collection

To report a missed garden waste collection, you must have already subscribed and paid for the new garden waste service. If you have, then log into MyAccount and select the Missed bin collection button below the garden waste bin.