Choose your type of conversion

Choose between a standard conversion or a conversion with a ceremony.

You can choose to have a:

  • standard conversion
  • a conversion with a ceremony

Standard conversion 

If you are not having a conversion ceremony, then you only need to attend the Register Office once.

Both you and the partner must:

  • attend the Register Office
  • complete a declaration with details about your civil partnership

How it works

  1. The registrar will check the required documents – if you fail to provide any of the required documents, it may not be possible to complete your conversion.
  2. You and your partner will then sign the conversion declaration to confirm you have not dissolved your civil partnership, and that you both wish to convert your civil partnership into a marriage.
    If you wish you can choose to say the declaration wording aloud to each another before signing the conversion document.
  3. After you sign the declaration, your conversion will be registered and a new marriage certificate will be issued.

No witnesses are required at this appointment.

Certificate cost

Certificates cost £11 and can be ordered on the day of the conversion. After registration, you can buy additional certificate copies for £11 each.

Conversion with a ceremony 

You can have a marriage ceremony on the same day as your conversion, or on a different day after it.

After your conversion appointment, you can have a marriage ceremony at a venue where same sex couples are able to marry.

Venue options are: