Apply through eAdmissions

Create an eAdmissions account

Applications for school places are made through a national service called eAdmissions.

You will first need to create an account – eAdmissions.

Remember your user name and password as you will need them to access your application and school place offers.

Submit your application

You need to submit your application by 15 January 2023.

Submit your application through eAdmissions

If you submit your application after 15 January 2023 

You can still make a late application using the same steps as usual. The latest date that an application that is late for good reason can be accepted for a Croydon resident will be 9 February 2023.

Late applications will be processed after those received on time, which could severely reduce your child’s chances of being offered a place at your preferred school.

How we process late applications

Applications which are late for no good reason and those that are received between 15 January 2023 and 17 April 2023 will not be considered in the initial allocation round. They will be allocated available places after all on-time preferences have been processed.

This means that if your preferred schools are full, your child will be offered the school with places available that is nearest to your normal place of residence (the application address).

If your child has medical needs

If you feel there are exceptional reasons for your child to be considered for a priority placement under the medical criteria at a particular community school, you must complete an application for a school place under medical criteria.

You should submit the form at the same time as your eAdmissions application.

You will need to attach details of the medical reasons from your GP or medical consultant.

Apply online for a place at a community school under medical criteria

Medical criteria for other types of schools

For other types of primary schools, for examples academies, voluntary aided and foundation schools, you will need to contact them directly for their medical criteria form.

Technical problems

eAdmissions is not managed by Croydon Council. If you have any technical problems with your eAdmissions account or the online application form, please contact eAdmissions.