Apply through eAdmissions

Submit your application

Applications for school places are made through a national service called eAdmissions.

Create an account in eAdmissions to gain access to the application and your school place offers. If you already have an account you can use the same link to login to amend and submit your application.

You need to submit your application by 15 January 2024.

If you submit your application after 15 January 2024 

You can still make a late application using the same steps as usual. In exceptional circumstances, the latest date that an application can be accepted will be 8 February 2024.

Late applications will be processed after Primary National Offer Day (Tuesday 16 April 2024), which could severely reduce your child’s chances of being offered a place at your preferred school.

How we process late applications

Late applicants will be allocated available places after all applications that were submitted on time have been processed.

This means that if your preferred schools are full, your child will be offered the school with places available that is nearest to your normal place of residence (the application address).

Technical problems

We do not manage eAdmissions. If you have any technical problems with your eAdmissions account or the online application form, please contact eAdmissions.