After you apply for a place

Accepting an offer

You will receive your school place offer by email on the evening of 16 April 2024. You must accept or decline your offer by 30 April 2024.

To respond to your offer you will need to log into your eAdmissions account so keep your login information safe.  

Allocation breakdown 2024

See how places were allocated at oversubscribed primary and infant schools (Excel, 28KB)

Waiting lists

If a school gets more applications than it has places, it will keep a waiting list for reception until at least 31 December 2024. The order pupils get added to the list will be based on the school's admission criteria.

Children who receive an offer at a lower preference school through the normal round of admissions (admission to reception) will be automatically placed on the waiting list for higher preference schools.

It is your responsibility to inform the local authority if you do not want your child to be on the waiting for a higher preference school. In the event that a place becomes available at one of your higher preference schools, the place offered at your lower preference school will automatically be withdrawn. 

Schools outside of Croydon

If, in the normal round of admissions to the reception class, you have named a school outside of Croydon, you must check with the relevant local authority to be placed onto their waiting list. 

Changing your preference

If you get offered a place at the school that was your first preference, you can only change your preference and be added to the waiting list for lower preference schools in exceptional circumstances.

Any change in circumstances will need to be supported with relevant evidence. All requests to be added to a waiting list should be made in writing to the School Admissions team.



Find further information on the following page school admission appeals.

More information

If you would like more information about the reason why your child was not offered a place at a higher preference school, contact We maintain waiting lists for our community schools and some non-community schools.

If the school is outside this borough, the admission authority will be either the local authority in which the school is situated or the school itself. Details on admission authorities outside of Croydon are included on page 33 of the primary prospectus below.

Primary prospectus 2024-2025

Download the primary schools' prospectus 2024-2025 (PDF, 5.17MB)

Pan-London scheme for coordination of admissions

Pan-London scheme for coordination of admissions to reception and junior 2024-25 (PDF, 370KB)