Report a recycling collection problem

Report a missed collection

If your recycling collection is missed you must report it within 2 working days, starting at 10pm on the day of the collection.

If we missed your collection by mistake, we will reschedule your collection for next working day after you report the problem. We will not return if it was not our mistake. You can report a recycling collection problem in My Account.

Report now

We will not return if the collection was not our mistake, for example if your recycling bin:

  • was not left for collection at the front of your property
  • contained non-recyclable rubbish
  • contained food waste
  • contained textiles
  • contained batteries
  • contained electrical waste
  • contained garden waste
  • contained DIY waste
  • was over-filled, preventing the lid from closing

In these cases we will put a tag on your bin to explain why it was not collected. You can also find the reason it was not collected in My Account. You will have to wait for your next collection.