Estates and purpose-built flats recycling

What goes in your communal recycling bins

Many estates and blocks of flats have recycling facilities in the bin sheds or close to them.

Any items that cannot be recycled in communal recycling as listed below, should be taken to a reuse and recycling centre, or you can book a bulky waste collection.

Download and print our handy guide to what goes in your recycling bins.

Rinse all containers, remove lids and squash plastic bottles flat.

Paper and card:

  • paper
  • card
  • cardboard
  • greeting cards
  • flattened cardboard boxes
  • cardboard food packaging and boxes
  • envelopes
  • junk mail, with plastic wrapping removed
  • newspapers and magazines
  • Yellow Pages and other telelphone directories
  • shredded paper, inside a paper bag or envelope
  • wrapping paper, without foil


  • juice
  • soup
  • sauce
  • milk

Mixed glass:

  • bottles
  • jars

Tins and cans:

  • drink cans
  • food tins
  • pet food tins
  • empty aerosol tins, lids removed
  • cooking foil
  • foil trays
  • sweet tins
  • metal bottle tops
  • jar lids


  • bottles and cap, with the caps off
  • food trays
  • fruit and vegetable punnets
  • margarine tubs, ice-cream tubs, and yoghurt pots
  • oven ready or microwaveable food trays

What does not go in your communal recycling bins

Do not put any of the following in the recycling:

  • paper or card containing foil or metal
  • plastic-coated cardboard
  • soiled food boxes
  • drinking glasses
  • Pyrex
  • mirrors
  • sheet window glass
  • any other metal items not listed above
  • crisp bags
  • food film
  • plastic bags
  • plastic food pouches
  • toothpaste tubes

Household batteries

Household batteries, but not car batteries, should be be placed in an untied plastic bag, next to or on top of your recycling wheelie bins or boxes.