London Borough of Croydon

If you are looking for help with your housing , you will need to complete our housing options self help tool. The self help tool will help you to identify a range of housing options which may be available to you. It will provide information on how we may be able to assist you with these options. When you have finished, you will be provided with a personalised action plan .

We have a duty to ensure that you have a home only if all the following apply:

1. You are homeless

By law, you are homeless if you do not have a home in which you have a right to live. Or you have a home but it is not reasonable for you to continue living in it. (home refers to a home anywhere in the world).

2. You are eligible for assistance

Being eligible for assistance means you are entitled to help with housing from a local authority. Although most UK residents are eligible for such help, some people from abroad are not. You may not be eligible if:

  • you are a visitor to this country
  • you are a foreign student or sponsored immigrant
  • you are an illegal immigrant
  • you are seeking asylum
  • the Home Office has refused you asylum
  • you are not habitually resident in the UK or Ireland
  • you do not have a right to stay in the UK
  • you are an A8 national and are not working
  • you are an A8 national who is working but is not registered with the Home Office
  • you are an A2 national and are not employed in work permitted by UK regulations
  • you are an EEA national who is neither working nor part of a 'worker's' household.

3. You did not become homeless intentionally

If we find you are homeless and eligible for assistance, we will look at whether you became homeless intentionally. We cannot list all the ways you can become homeless intentionally. However, two common examples are:

  • if you are evicted from your home because you did not pay your rent when you could have.
  •  you give up your home when it is reasonable for you to continue living there.

4. You have a local connection to Croydon

If you are unintentionally homeless, eligible for assistance and have a priority need for housing, you are entitled to housing assistance from a local authority. This means we must either:

  • ensure you have a home ourselves 
  • if you have no local connection with Croydon, refer you to a council to which you are connected so that they may accommodate you.

If we have a duty to find you a home

If you formally apply for housing we will make an appointment for you to see a housing needs officer. Your caseworker will interview you and make some  enquiries to verify what you have told us.

Where we have a housing duty, we will, if you wish, register you for a council and housing association home. There are hundreds of homeless people already on the register. We will provide you with temporary accommodation. At first, this is likely to be in a bed and breakfast hotel which may not be in Croydon.

Later we could move you to another type of temporary home such as a self-contained flat. Again, this might be outside Croydon. If there are children in your household, we will try to move you from bed and breakfast.  we will try to do this  within six weeks. Where you do not have children living with you, it may take much longer for us to move you. As an alternative to living in temporary accommodation for several years, we could either:

  • help you rent from a private landlord
  • or, if you are in full-time employment, register you as a priority for one of our home ownership schemes. Please ask your housing needs officer about these options.

Please note: If you refuse the temporary home we offer you, our housing duty will end. You will have to find your own accommodation.  (Unless there is what we believe is good reason for you to refuse).


If we do not have a duty to find you a home

If we discover we have no duty to find you a home, we will not be able to offer you somewhere to live.  Nor will we give you money to secure a tenancy with a private landlord. We will give you advice and information to help you in your search for your own accommodation. We have a list of estate agencies including some that rent to people who need to claim housing benefit.

Where we decide you have a priority need for housing but are intentionally homeless, we will offer you accommodation for a short period . This is usually for around two weeks to give you time to find somewhere to live.