Parking, streets and transport

Parking, including paying fines and parking permits, street closures and roadworks, street maintenance, travel plans, travel policies, road safety, street licences and permits, travel passes and cycling.


Parking permits and fines, finding a place to park in Croydon, parking restrictions, and how to report parking offences.

Street maintenance, repairs and improvements

Roadworks and closures, traffic management orders (TMOs), report a problem with a road or pavement, street cleaning, street lighting, drains and drainage and Croydon Streetspace.

Streets, roads and pavements

Road signs and markings, street crossings, rights of way, advertising, road safety, street licences and permits and adopted and unadopted highways.


Travel passes and support, cycling, school travel and safety, charging points for electric vehicles, reducing vehicle pollution and motorcycle safety.

Transport policies and plans

A Transport Vision for Croydon, Croydon's Parking Policy, highways enforcement, implementation of the London Mayor's Transport Strategy and the National Transport and Highways Survey.