London Borough of Croydon

2017 subscriptions

Please be advised that regardless of your sign-up date, the service runs up to week ending Friday 17 November 2017 (week 1 customers) and week ending Friday 24 November 2017 (week 2 customers). 

There will be no extensions to these dates and no reimbursements for late sign-ups. The cut-off date for signing up to this service is 1 September 2017.

Collection dates

Collections are made the same day every two weeks between 17 April and 24 November.

Check your collection dates online in About Your Area, enter your postcode and select your address.

Subscribe to garden waste collections

The collection service is the same price whatever time of year you subscribe.

Subscribe now to get the most value for money.

Who is eligible

  • You must be a resident of Croydon
  • You must own your own garden
  • You must already have an existing landfill bin.

You will need to make sure you have enough space to safely store the bin at your home and place it at the edge of your property on your collection day.

Shared or communal gardens

If you have a shared or communal garden you can speak to your landlord or housing association about ways to recycle or compost your garden waste.

Options and prices

There are four options depending on how much garden waste you need collecting.

£55/year for 140 litre bin service
£60/year for 240 litre bin service
£100/year for two 140 litre bin service
£105/year for two 240 litre bin service

Bin sizes

140 litre bin: 106cm high x 48cm wide x 54cm deep

240 litre bin: 107cm high x 58cm wide x 74cm deep

Example small and large garden waste bins

What can I put in the garden waste bin?

Yes please: No thank you
  • Grass cuttings
  • Dead plants and weeds
  • Hedge trimmings
  • Leaves
  • Branches and twigs
  • Windfall e.g. fruit, blossoms
  • Tree trunks, stumps or logs
  • Plastic plant pots, trays or bags
  • Kitchen or household food waste
  • Plastic bags
  • Soil, hardcore and stones
  • Turf
  • Japanese knotweed or any other harmful or invasive plants or weeds

All garden waste including branches must be able to fit into your bin with the lid completely closed.

More information about the service is available on our frequently asked questions page.

How do I report a missed collection?

To report a missed collection or any other issue, log into My Account and click on the report an issue icon ( Report an issue icon in My Account ) in the Garden Waste section.

Once we have received your request, we will make the collection within 24 hours. Sign up for SMS updates and we’ll let you know when the missed collection has been made.

Other ways to recycle garden waste


You can recycle your garden waste at home using a compost bin. Composting is a great way to recycle food and garden waste, find out more about our home composting scheme.

Recycling centres

You can also recycle your garden waste by taking it to a household reuse and recycling centres.


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