London Borough of Croydon

Subscribe to the Garden waste collection service

Once subscribed you will receive a fortnightly collections for a 12-month period. This means you can join at any point in the year and the service will renew yearly from your sign up date.

If you are a new subscriber, you will receive a new wheelie bin(s) with a brown lid. If you have renewed your subscription you should continue to use your existing bin(s).

This service is operated by Veolia on behalf of Croydon Council.


The yearly cost of the service is £61.50, this charge is for the collection of your garden waste. The bin(s) remain the property of Croydon Council. A copy of the full terms and conditions is available for download below.

What can and can't be recycled

Yes please No thanks

Grass and hedge clippings



Small branches

(not Japanese Knotweed)

Twigs and sticks

Fallen fruit

Cut flowers and house plants

Bags or sacks

Bricks, rubble or soil

Plastic plant pot and containers

Large branches 
(over 30cm in diameter)

Japanese Knotweed

Wire, string, plastic or metal

Liquids (e.g. paint pesticides, weed killers)

Food waste 














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