Assets of community value community right to bid

The Localism Act 2011 gave communities a number of rights to help them take greater control over the way their local area develops and the way services are provided.

One of these rights is to help communities keep buildings or land which they value in community use if they are disposed of by the owner. This may be a public building such as a community centre or a police station, or it may be a privately owned building such as a shop or a pub.

This right is known as the community right to bid and buildings or land which are protected are known as assets of community value.

Register of assets of community value
The Localism Act requires local authorities to keep a register of these community assets so that if an owner decides to sell a listed property, the community is given the opportunity to bid to buy it and keep its community use. The current register is available as a download below. The Croydon register combines both assets listed and assets where a nomination has been declined either by the council or at a subsequent appeal. You will also find the decision notices relating to nominations made to the council which include the detailed reasons for the council’s decisions.

Further information
To find out more details on how to nominate a building or land and what being listed as an asset of community value means, please see the quick guide to understanding the community right to bid, which can be downloaded below.

The nomination form can also be downloaded below. Please read the guidance before completing the form.

Further information about assets of community value and other community rights brought in by the Localism Act 2011 can be found at;

Quick guide to understanding the community right to bid