Locally made housing decisions

Social housing allocations reform gives local authorities greater freedom over who qualifies to go on the waiting list. Authorities must still make sure social homes go to the most vulnerable and those in greatest need.

Social housing tenure reform gives social landlords flexibility to grant fixed term tenancies for people entering social housing (not for current tenants).

Reform of homelessness legislation allows local authorities to meet their homelessness duty by providing good quality private rented homes.

Reform of council housing finance changes the way social housing is funded, which gives more local control.

The National Home Swap scheme enables people who would like to swap their social home to access details of all other tenants who may be a suitable match.

Reform of social housing regulation changes the way that social housing is regulated, abolishes the Tenant Services Authority and changes the way that complaints about social landlords are handled.

The Act also abolishes the need for people selling their houses to provide Home Information Packs.