Rights and powers for communities and individuals

The council's stronger communities strategy sets out the council's approach to the new community rights and, as far as possible, details how the council intends to implement the changes set out in the Act. As regulations on each aspect of the community rights are published, the council's response will be included in the stronger communities strategy action plan.

Community right to challenge

The 'community right to challenge' gives groups, parish councils and employees the right to express an interest in running a local authority service. If the challenge is accepted the challenging organisation can bid as part of a procurement exercise.

Community right to bid

The 'community right to bid' gives community groups a chance to bid for assets listed as having 'community value'. Community groups that express an interest will have a limited amount of time to raise money to bid to buy the asset on the open market.

Council tax referendum

If a council proposes to raise council tax by more than a threshold set by the Secretary of State it will have to hold a referendum to get approval from local voters.

Pay policy

Councils will vote on and publish a statement of their policies on pay, including the pay of senior officers.