London Borough of Croydon

Croydon Trading Standards operates an information network that sets out to inform all sectors of our community of up-to-date articles concerning scams or suspect individuals thought to be operating in the borough.

The idea is to make information available to residents and consumers to help them identify potential issues and thus avoid being the victims of a scam. 

The network works through a variety of groups and organisations such as residents associations who forewarn their members, by further circulating the messages and bulletins about some of the scams operating by including articles in their newsletters, on notice boards and by word of mouth.

You can also help by reporting any instances of rogue and scam trading by calling Citizens Advice consumer service on the contact details below.

If your organisation would like to join our information network and receive bulletins, please complete and return the application form which is available as a download below.

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice consumer service offers a telephone service, Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm on the number listed below.  You can also register your complaint online at Citizens Advice consumer service. 


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