Scams and doorstep crime

Scams and doorstep crime can include emails, phone calls and visits to your home.

Doorstep crime and rogue trading

If you are contacted by someone you don’t know, in person or online then exercise caution – if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. People knocking on doors should carry ID and if you feel uncomfortable, don’t let them in and contact someone you trust.

General advice

Doorstep criminals travelling the UK can target residents throughout the Croydon borough particularly older or more vulnerable householders. Many traders who call at the door are genuine but unfortunately some are not and these rogues can be extremely persuasive.

They may call "out of the blue" and tell householders that expensive repairs need to be carried out on their property and then charge extortionate sums for very poor quality work.

Be very cautious and do not allow them inside your home. Ask anyone who claims to be from a utility company for identification. If in any doubt consult a trusted neighbour or relative.

Regardless of whether you have asked the trader to call or not, in most circumstances as long as the price quoted is above £42 you are entitled to receive written notice of your cancellation rights and fourteen days to change your mind and cancel. Use these fourteen days wisely. DO NOT accept offers to take you to the bank to withdraw cash.

A doorstep selling advice pack on how to 'Say no to doorstep callers' is available on request to Croydon residents. Information contained in the pack can also be found in downloadable files below.

As part of Croydon Trading Standards' continuing aim to investigate instances of doorstep crime across the borough and to protect people from falling victim, a new advisory leaflet entitled 'Doorstep crime and bogus callers - crime prevention after bereavement' is available. It is particularly aimed at those older adults who are left alone following bereavement and who may be at their most vulnerable and targeted by some criminals into falling victim to doorstep crime and distraction burglary. It suggests ways in which people can avoid falling victim and aims to both protect vulnerable residents and to educate carers and professionals who come in contact with them.

How to get help

Citizens Advice Consumer Service offers a telephone service, Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm on the number listed below. You can also register your complaint at Citizens Advice Consumer Service online.

Vulnerable and elderly residents

If you are concerned, or know or work with someone who could be at risk, Croydon Voluntary Action and Age UK Croydon have further support:

Croydon Voluntary Action

Croydon Voluntary Action
Tel: 020 8253 7076 or 07540 720102
Monday to Friday 10 - 4pm

Age UK Croydon

Tel: 0208 686 0066