Scams and doorstep crime

Scams and doorstep crime can include emails, phone calls and visits to your home.

No cold calling zones

Croydon Trading Standards and Croydon Police are working hard to tackle doorstep crime.

Shirley, Norbury and Elm Park estate

Following consultation with local residents and other interested parties, Shirley, Norbury and Elm Park estate residents agreed to set up local no cold calling zones as a way of reducing the number of bogus caller and rogue trader offences in their areas.

While this type of offence is still relatively rare the impact of being tricked and losing your money can be very serious. A number of callers who turn up unannounced will try very hard to trick their way into your home to steal or to get you to agree to household and garden work being done, that you do not need and may be very poorly carried out.

Experiences in areas where similar schemes operate have found that by giving everyone the confidence to say 'No - I don't buy at the door' can protect the more vulnerable people in your road.

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