London Borough of Croydon

For all planning enquiries, please complete the planning enquiry form.

This service covers complex changes of use i.e.

  • Flat conversions;
  • Small scale residential development (especially infill and backland housing projects – up to 50 units);
  • Commercial developments (100 sq m to and 999 sq m);
  • Developments involving heritage impacts;
  • protected trees;
  • Planning condition discharge (major developments: post planning permission);
  • Detailed discussions around variations to planning conditions/minor-material amendments. to planning permissions;/non material amendments;
  • Development that is likely to have associated traffic and highway safety impacts;
  • The display of advertisement hoardings; and
  • Telecommunications roll-out.

Please complete the pre-application form below, with a covering letter describing your proposal and attach site location plans, floor plans and elevations of your proposed development as well as the fee and any other information you think will be useful to us.

Once we have validated your enquiry, your case officer will contact you within 10 working days of receipt and will aim to meet with you within 10 days of that initial contact. We aim to provide written advice within 10 working days of the meeting, or within an alternative timescale agreed with you.

Fees payable

There are six service level associated with this service.  The cost of each level is as follows:

Service Level B - £1000 (plus VAT) for development involving the following:

  • The erection of 1 to 4 new dwellings;
  • The conversion of property to provide up to 4 self contained flats;
  • The use of a property as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO);
  • Proposed advert hoardings;
  • Proposals for telecommunications roll out;
  • Proposed changes of use involving in excess of 150 sq metres of floorspace
  • New commercial developments (including extensions and free standing development) of between 100 sq metres and 499 sq metres of proposed floorspace. 

Service Level C - £2,000 (plus VAT) for development involving the following:

  • The erection of 5 to 9 new dwellings:
  • The conversion to provide between 5 and 9 self contained flats
  • New commercial developments (including extensions and new development) of between 500 sq metres and 999 sq metres.
  • Changes of use and extensions to listed buildings

Service Level D - £3,500 (plus VAT) for Major Applications (as defined by DCLG) (see paragraph 4.15 of this document for the definition of what constitutes “major” development).

Other Related Services (Post Decision)

Service Level E - £500 (plus VAT) for the following post decision services:

  • Planning condition discharge (excluding reserved matters discharge which will be charged at similar rates as above – depending on the scale of development previously granted outline planning permission)
  • Material/non-material amendments to planning permissions
  • Variations of planning conditions

Specialist Pre-Application Charges Fees

Service Level F - £200 (Plus VAT) pre-application advice covering protected trees and other protected landscape features

Service Level G - £500 (plus VAT) for applications proposing alterations to listed buildings (not requiring planning permission).

N.B. Extensions to listed buildings are covered by other fee rates (outlined below)

N.B. any follow up meeting (if required) will be charged at 60% the initial charge


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